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 The Stories that I could not afford to complete...


 The Sacred Tattoos of Khmer People 

An ancient practice and set of rituals once used to protect monks and warriors from harm during the pre-Angkorian period has managed to survive in Cambodia until the present day. 

ROUGH CUT 2: A little more of Much (interview/perspective) during the research phase of  this documentary...

WHY I COULND'T COMPLETE THIS STORY: Lack of funds and a demoralizing request for free access to my footage.

(Click HERE for more information on this story.) 

The Refuge
   If There's No Jungle, There's No Sanctuary.

The popular version of this story became widely known after American entertainer Cher's appearance in Cambodia triggered an international media frenzy gripping headlines around the globe. But there's a far more important side to this story...   

WHY I COULND'T COMPLETE THIS STORY:  No support, depleted funds after two years of  voluntary work to gather all the necessary evidence, and the threat of reprisals.

FOR PATRONS ONLY: If you would like to learn more, I welcome to visit THIS page for more information (password given to Patrons upon request).

(A Tentative Concept for a Video Series.)

There are so many things in our world that make me scratch my head (to put it very mildly). While passing via Bangkok, Thailand, in 2009, I had heard of a decrepit zoo that held captive wildlife in deplorable conditions since the 1980s. Shocked by what I saw (and then almost pushed down a flight of stairs), I began to brainstorm on how to amplify such stories...  


While we ourselves were being confined to our homes as of 2020, I had intended to reach out to prominent figures to conduct in-depth interviews/conversations to help bring attention to the things that to me make no sense at all. "How is this, in this day and age, still acceptable?!?" was the overarching question I wanted desperately to unpack.   Here's a little rough cut of what I had hoped to produce as the topic of the first episode: 

WHY I COULND'T COMPLETE THIS SERIES  Support only came in the form of thumbs up emojis, followed by the theft of my images, and another demoralizing request by a very wealthy and famous individual wanting my footage to promote their brand. For free, the person said, because they didn't have a budget for that.    


"Status" Update

These were  only a few of about a dozen examples of what I have been tirelessly working on. So my question to you dear reader, and the Universe, is:  do you think I ought to keep going? And if, so - how am I to survive?














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