11 years ago, some of my newsroom colleagues worried that my solo mission as a one-woman-crew 
video journalist, was too "difficult and dangerous" to execute alone...
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"Crossed Spears"(2012)

Documenting the plight of Waorani warriors fighting to

save the Amazon Rainforest. (AMAZON, ECUADOR)

Since I first left the newsroom in 2009...

I reached 18 Indigenous communities,

documented and shared dozens of news and feature stories from remote regions

in 14 countries, and invested 

thousands of unpaid production hours, gallons of sweat, and countless blisters 

to my work as an

independent messenger.

Dear Friends - My mission is far from over, and I am

now asking for your HELP to keep going.


Thank you so much for being here! The following is a brief introduction of who I am, my personal journey to document stories and amplify the voices that unfortunately the media did not care about, and a summary of why I do - what I do. After more than a decade, I remain strongly committed to my singlehanded/one-woman-crew work and continue to feel it necessary...

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Dear Friends - my mission is far from over, and I am

asking for YOUR help to keep going. 

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Given the current state of our world, and the challenging scenario in which we now find ourselves

as a result of this global pandemic, we all know that -  things have changed drastically!


Personally, my plans as a travelling documentarian and messenger have been put on hold. 


I do, however, find myself in a country with incredible people and countless stories that I believe have the power to inspire us - GLOBALLY - with experiences, thoughts and ideas that transcend borders. 

Having lived through unimaginable horror, Cambodians are among the most resilient, kind, hard-working and beautiful people I have ever met. Being a guest in their country, I owe it to my hosts to amplify their stories.   

While consumed by my personal documentary "Lone Journalist" by night  (which explores my personal journey as a lone journalist seeking to amplify the voices and critical warnings of Indigenous communities around the world), few days go by that I am not presented with a thought or a story that I  crave to share globally.  


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to a labour of love.

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Wishing you all the very, VERY best,

- Maggie Padlewska -