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UPDATE: 03.04.21

A heartfelt THANK YOU to my family, my dear friend Nina and my Patrons for your ongoing support!!!

This past month you gifted me some time to focus on my work (currently the production of an environmental/wildlife story) and the ability to purchase a new lens that I hope will help me capture footage that closer resembles what I have in mind. So again, a profound and heartfelt THANK YOU for your support!!!

With much gratitude,



Here's a glimpse of my first few moments with the lens that has now become a part this journey:

POSTED ON 01.04.21

"I’m often asked why I chose to stay in Cambodia…I have numerous reasons but the most important one is that I admire, respect and adore Khmer people - for their kindness, warmth, acceptance of others, genuine beauty and resilience. I captured the following during my solo stroll at the West Baray yesterday evening. I met Sophea and his beautiful family randomly. Formerly (pre-COVID scenario), Sophea was a driver for tourists - he spoke and shared with me a bit of his current reality. The 11th Century West Baray has now become a source of food for his family.

#SiemReap #Cambodia #Video #Vignette #Snapshot #WestBaray #Angkor Thank you for your kindness and warmth Sophea - it was lovely meeting you and your beautiful family! - Video: Maggie Padlewska Music: Creative Commons /


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