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Siem Reap: Under Construction

Ohhhhh Siem Reap....

My plan was never to stay in Cambodia. I was simply passing through as a traveller wanting to learn what I could about Khmer culture and the country's rich history. But like countless other expats living in Siem Reap, something happened...and, in my case, nearly four years later - somehow, I'm still here.

For me, it was my fascination with this vibrant but modest little city, with its mix of Khmer culture, culinary fragrances, traditional and modern craftsmanship and architecture, and perhaps most importantly: the stories, kindness, resilience and beauty of its residents that attracted me here - as well as being a small city that also welcomed and allowed for the celebration of the arts and expressions from all walks of life.

Today, Siem Reap is undergoing a major facelift/development project that will surely alter this quaint little city once all is done. As a guest in the Kingdom, I can only wish the very best for its future of that of its native community.

Above video: FEB.2020-AUG.2021 (same POV: "Pub Street", central Siem Reap/Cambodia) MP.


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