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Cher backs a campaign to free Bua Noi

It’s been a few weeks now since elephant Kaavan’s successful rescue and relocation mission from a zoo in Pakistan to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary was celebrated around the world. Thanks to countless people, the animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS International, and Cher - the story made global headlines. While this was an incredible achievement and success story - countless animals remain imprisoned, suffering daily, behind bars. The animals held captive at the horrific Pata Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand, included. A campaign to #FreeBuaNoi, a lone female gorilla, has been ongoing since 2013 thanks animal rights activist Sinjira Apaitan. #Cher and her organization Free The Wild have now joined the struggle to secure Bua Noi's release.

Maggie Padlewska ( / Music (via Creative Commons): “the Mask of Sanity” by Soundflair. #FreeBuaNoi #FreeKaavan #Kaavan #PataZoo #AnimalRights #StopCruelty #Zoos

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