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AUG 2021: In the works...

1. “The Refuge” a documentary film focused on the Cambodian chapter of the now world-famous Asian elephant Kaavan’s story which reveals issues that go beyond what was covered by the viral feel-good news stories of the mainstream media in late November, 2020.

2. “The Women of Rokhak” a short report/film series on the empowerment of women of Cambodia’s floating village communities, who tackle gender-inequality by creating zero-waste luxury products from the water hyacinth - an aquatic invasive plan species that is suffocating waterways in their hometowns on the great Tonle Sap, and other lakes and rivers in Cambodia.

3. "COVID Siem Reap" documentation/reports.

4. "Lone Journalist" a very personal tale/film...a reflection on the past 15 years of my solo journey as a one-woman-crew globe trekking independent journalist.

Warmest regards to you all!

- Maggie Padlewska


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