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ANIMAL WELFARE: Not a one-day news story...

Since our childhoods, our Father would give my brothers and I envelopes as gifts on special occasions or holidays. In them, were certificates of donations for rescued animals, animal welfare activities and/or sanctuaries - that he made, in our names. Clearly, these were incredibly powerful gifts - gifts, that in my case, very much helped shape my existential perspective…and life. Kaavan’s rescue and relocation mission made global headlines (rightfully so!) as it was being celebrated around the world a few days ago. It’s an incredible story - an amazing and commendable achievement by countless people - but to me (as a former “news” journalist), it’s also FAR MORE than a one-day news story - begging the obvious question: “How is it, that in this day and age, something so blatantly wrong and brutal can still be debatable?” I’m skipping the brief wrap-up summary video and delving deep into my more profound post-production mode…(PHOTO: an image I took while investigating the Pata Zoo animal dungeon in Bangkok last year.)


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