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A few more published...

It's always a pleasure to gain the interest of external media outlets in the local stories that I stumble upon here in Cambodia....

Here's my film commissioned by SCMP Films published on February 22, 2022 to highlight the significance of providing captive wildlife with a proper environment and care:

...and another that I shot for Business Insider featuring the lovely ladies of Rohkak - a social enterprise that empowers local women through education and employment while striving to combat the global waste problem by creating zero-waste products out of the invasive water hyacinth:

Lastly and currently, thanks to my Patrons - I am working the story of a young acrobat who overcame the odds and followed his heart and passion for the arts to create a life for himself and his family that he had dreamt of since he was a child....more to come on that story shortly!

- MP -


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