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MAGAWA: Awarded UK's Prestigious PSDA Gold Medal

Recognized for his work, bravery and life-saving achievements, Magawa (a Giant African Pouched Rat & member of APOPO's Cambodian de-mining team) was today awarded the British veterinary charity People's Dispensary for Sick Animals' (PDSA) Gold Medal.

Magawa is the 30th recipient, and the first rat, of this prestigious UK award. Considered to be "the highest honour for outstanding animal bravery and exceptional dedication in civilian life," Magawa's recognition is beyond well-deserved! Having witnessed and documented his work on an active minefield - I applaud Magawa, his handlers and APOPO staff, as well as the Cambodian Mine Action Center's de-miners who are working tirelessly, risking their lives daily, to rid this beautiful country of the brutal remnants of war - while saving lives, one step at a time.

This video is the first of two that seek to raise awareness and/or remind our global community of a tragic and ongoing problem - that remains long after Cambodia's horrific past. (Please excuse my typos)

Thank you for watching!

Maggie Padlewska

Video by: Maggie Padlewska

Drone & Explosion footage: courtesy of APOPO Special THANKS to APOPO (Cambodia)

Please visit my Facebook page @ProdzektGlobal to see Magawa's shiny medal!

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