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I can barely see the line where the sky meets the Arabian Sea in my not so distant view from the little table where I now sit; outside, surrounded by coconut trees, dense foliage and a variety of singing/conversing birds on this hot, humid, foggy and glorious morning on the western coastline of India. I arrived in Goa yesterday, exhausted, after a series of flights and an overnight layover after leaving the bustling and congested streets of Thailand (and before that, Cambodia - that wonderful yet highly complex country where I stayed much longer than originally planned…then again, my nomadic life is indeed quite unpredictable).

“Are you on the move again?” wrote a dear friend of mine just now… “I sure am” I replied.

This part of India, as far I can see, smell and feel is exactly as I imagined it to be, with the promise of so much more…

There’s something truly magical here; something that will surely require much more time to better understand, explore and write about…but in the brief few hours that I’ve been here so far, I'm struck by the coast’s serenity and beauty, its mouthwatering abundance of flavours and spices, and the warmth and kindness of its people.

But this zone of tranquility, however, only unveiled itself upon reaching my final destination in the small coastal village of Anjuna…

Greeted at the Goa airport by a taxi driver sent over by this guesthouse’s owner, my first few hours in India were far from the peaceful experience I am now fortunate enough to discover and explore. Weaving through traffic as though late for his own wedding or a strict parental curfew, the driver tore past countless motorbikes, buses and cars (similar to a game of chicken - that ol’head on mind bender many of us would rather pass on) while dodging dogs and India’s revered cattle grazing and roaming freely, calmly and carelessly on and around the tight two-lane roads along which we travelled. Struggling not to think of what could happen, my palms began to sweat as I shifted my attention sharply to the right and left (never forward) towards the lush utopian landscape of India.

In hindsight, that part of the journey here, though probably best left ignored, did perhaps contribute somehow to the overwhelming state of peace that I am now feeling. Thrust into a space of calmness, where complete stillness is not only inviting but also extremely enticing, it’s now easy to see why so many people come here seeking that special space - conducive to profound meditation, self-reflection and yoga…

I am here now…naturally inclined to ponder the beautiful and wonderful moments in life, focusing on the good instead of the difficult and bad, as I try to figure out my next moves and goals which I hope to achieve in this life while being surrounded by the vivid colours, beauty and tranquility that largely define this wonderful South Asian country.

Namaste dear Family and Friends, namaste.

More to come, surely…

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