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My favourite snapshot of the day to tell you about...

...a NEW PAGE that's been added to my site! Friends, I have to admit that I see so many interesting things in a day (I leap from one alley to another, talk to this person, then to that person, hop on my bike, snap a pic or two...or several, etc.) that I sometimes (often) lose sight of the structure/aesthetics of this website (who am I kidding - I'm no web designer but I'm trying to make it as navigation/visitor-friendly as I possibly can. That said, it always makes sense in my head UNTIL someone tells me it's messy;)...SO, here's the link to the page where I'll be posting some random videos from my ongoing journey: SHORT VIDEOS

Please feel free to check it out if you'd like (and/or point out any typos that you may find - yes, those happen also;) - I'll be updating it often.

* As for the amazing artist in my favourite smartphone/Instagram snapshot of the day...well, I never did get his name. He was so intensly focused on his work that he didn't even turn his head when I quietly asked whether I could take this picture - a lady sitting next to him, who may or may not be his partner, gave me the "go-ahead" smiling nod. So here it is...what an incredibly beautiful piece of work!

Wishing you all the very best & happy travels!

- Maggie

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