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I didn’t play tourist in Bangkok...

...perhaps I should have, but I didn’t. But I will, when I come back.

I’ve never been to Thailand (until now). I’ve seen the pictures and, like most people, imagined myself being here visiting its beautiful landmarks, sites, cities, rural landscapes, and beaches - many times! But this trip was different. I was here on a mission to resolve a broken brand-new computer situation that occurred while in Cambodia. My first trip to Bangkok, therefore, was focused on gettin' it done, channeling my energy on finding the right Apple guru/genius to find a solution to my problem, walking up and down the streets of Bangkok’s busiest core, while taking in whatever, and as much as, I could on the side…


Thailand’s capital city is - massive!!! It’s home to a little over eight million people - officially…but ask anyone here, and they’ll say it’s much more. From sidewalks, pedestrian and commuter bridges, traffic-jammed roadways, it’s busy as heck - on every corner! Am I noticing it more because I’ve lost my urban edge? Because I spent half a year in an often isolating Arctic region with an iota of Bangkok’s population? Because I’ve forgotten what I got used to in Seoul nearly two decades ago? Nope. Life here is just massive; where street vendors who grill salted fish on the sidewalk coexist with people selling porn videos, nunchucks, sex toys, sarongs, high end tailor-made suits, sandals, boxes of meds that promise whatever you want them to, the most decadent fresh fruit juices, and more or less whatever else you can think of.

They sit alongside manicured ladies who very much like to reach out to foreign men walking by their massage parlours, and the poshest of poshest of venues and stores. From Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, to the more budget conscious H&Ms and curbside seamstress stalls - the full gamut is here, with the in-betweens, the various gradients of those in-betweens, and then some more.

I’ve only been here for a few days, most of them spent focused on my pressing issue…one that, fortunately, got resolved! (Thank you Apple Bangkok!! AND to my old buddies from high school who unexpectedly launched a thread of incredible emotional support - THANK YOU DLSers;)!!! It's been quite a ride! With that now over, you are indeed a heck of a town Bangkok - I’ll be sure to return and explore to learn about you some more!

THANKS to everyone who made my brief visit and experience in Bangkok so very memorable!

THANK YOU for your hospitality Bangkok, Ross and Deanna! Much love! I'll be back!

(And yes, it's true...the food IS amaaaaazing!!!)

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