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I've come here to think, to learn, and to be re-inspired...

Over the next few weeks (perhaps, months), I'll be submerging myself in arctic life - up here in Iqaluit; Canada's northernmost capital. This will be my first experience in a region North of 60!

I've already been whip-lashed by the arctic freeze and wind gusts since stepping off the plane and yet - I still look forward to experiencing whatever the north may throw my way! Cheers to another adventure!

Topics of Interest:

1) Inuit Culture/Language (first and foremost of course!)

2) Climate Change & the Arctic (Focus: Permafrost)

3) Nunavumiut: The People of Iqaluit, NU

4) Toonik Tyme 2017

For more on my northern adventure, please click HERE.

(FIRST SIGNS OF SPRING: Photo taken on April 9, 2017...covered in snow again due to a blizzard the following day.)

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