My plans for the One Year One World initiative were ambitious, challenging (especially for a one-woman crew in 2009) and, had it not been for my lack of income while I worked in the field, completely do-able...


While my goal to document and celebrate the stories of people whose voices are often missing from the global dialogue still lives on, I've now embarked on a different type of journey; one that allows me the freedom to explore, and to treat every day as an unpredictable one...  

Welcome to my page, an unofficial outlet for all the things that fuel my urge to meet new people, to learn new things, and that persistent need to travel...



"There is            so much

to be learned from Indigenous peoples around the world.  I chose to pursue my dream because of my insatiable curiosity and profound love, respect, and concern for the future of the world's traditional cultures and wisdom. Travelling  alone, with very little funds, wasn't easy, but my expeditions have taught me so much more than I could  have  ever imagined..." -mp.  



After more than a decade of working for Canada’s largest news networks (CBC & CTV) as a video journalist, producer, writer and editor, Maggie Padlewska, left the newsroom to embark on a one-woman journey to help raise awareness of the stories and issues of communities that lack the resources to be heard globally.  She travels alone, with her gear, to meet with some of the world’s most neglected yet fascinating people, many of whom struggle with human rights abuses and their communities’ cultural survival. Padlewska is a passionate advocate for the protection and preservation of indigenous wisdom and practices, and the world’s cultural heritage.

Maggie Padlewska 

ONE YEAR ONE WORLD Founder / Producer / Video Journalist 

  • Master of Journalism - Carleton University 2008

  • B.A.(Hons) Political Science /with Distinction - Concordia University 2004

  • Associate Degree Television Broadcasting - Algonquin College 2001

  • Korean Studies Certificate - Yonsei University 1998 



IT ALL STARTED WITH AN IDEA in 2009...which I regretfully failed to complete in full due to a lack of sponsorship and funding. 


"Maggie's mission is fuelled by passion, commitment, courage and a deep respect for all humanity – a personal commitment to social justice and human rights issues, and a determination to bring to light and preserve untold legacies before they fall into extinction."

- Julie Nesrallah, CBC Host

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Never stop exploring...