DEC/2018:  Few things can trigger that pure and exuberant sense of freedom like the unbridled laughter and joy of another. I live among incredible people, who despite often having very little in terms of the material things that much of the world values, are rich in strength, courage, resilience and in the simple pleasures of life. 


I captured these images in December 2018 as I rode my bike past a group of youngsters blissfully launching themselves into a murky pond next to rice paddies and grazing cattle. I joined their giggling siblings, parents and a few elders along the edge of the pond where I captured a moment of infectious laughter that will remain with me always. 

I had hoped to print these images in a large sturdy format and to then display them around the pond where they were captured in order to thank and celebrate the joy that this community had so very kindly shared with me. Unfortunately, due to my lack of resources I was unable to execute this portion of my vision.


I am therefore sharing these images here, with the hope that they will brighten your day as they did mine.


Just as these youngsters reminded me - let’s not forget to let loose,

to kick up our heels once in a while, to embrace laughter, beauty, our friends and neighbours, and our natural playground!