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UNMUZZLED: Short-Video Series


I often struggle with the thought that I wasn’t loud and bold enough while trying to amplify voices that the media didn't care about. I did all that I could, and after more than a decade I realize how gravely mistaken I was by treading carefully as a lone messenger.


Why?! Was I hopeful that the neglected yet critical voices of the people I reached would attract the interest of public broadcasters? Yes, and oh how wrong I was! 


I’ll be frank now… 


I’m consumed by the thought that Humanity, as a species connected and living in harmony with the natural world, is in grave danger. For more than a decade, I’ve documented attacks on Indigenous cultures, ancient wisdom and traditional practices instigated by the greedy few, with very clear patterns of oppression by those seeking social dominance and ultimate control. 


More and more people are waking up to this reality now, especially since the global noose on individualism and sovereignty got a hell of a lot tighter in 2020. Many people now recognize that what once played itself out largely hidden from public view by the gatekeepers of mainstream media, is now infiltrating so-called developed societies that once believed themselves to be invincible while turning a blind eye to a ruthless trajectory that’s been unfolding around the globe for decades, and centuries.  


In this short-video series, I’ll delve in to the issues and unfiltered thoughts that torment my soul by continuing what I’ve always stood for, while adding my voice to an increasingly vocal chorus of people who recognize the value, importance and fragility of our human rights, sovereignty, individual freedoms and our connection to the natural world.


Going at it alone (as per usual), this is not a fancy production. My focus and this body of work is an exploration of my soul while working on my film “Notes From A Lone Messenger’s Journal”... now telling it like it is, with the hope that together we can freely engage and exchange our very own thoughts, observations and ideas. 

I welcome you to please join me by becoming a subscriber.


Thank you for being here!


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