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A multi-media project inspired by those who remind to keep moving

"17's been17 years since I arrived here in Cambodia."

- Notre Chere Nicolette

We sat on the edge of the moat around the revered 12th Century Angkor Wat temple where on October 21, 2020, the Cambodian sunset revealed its most beautiful colours as it traversed the was breathtaking, but after few moments, it simply faded. 

It's a

It's a place that a mere few months ago was flooded with multinational selfie-snapping tourists. But on this evening we sat practically alone, reflecting on life...sharing our thoughts as dear friends, openly and honestly as we have done since we met not long after my arrival three years ago. But on this particular day - we did it mostly through a slow but steady flow of tears, and in silence...

Far more private (publicly) than I am, my dear friend Nicolette granted me permission to include a bit of her in the following story...

After 17 years this French artist, who has called Cambodia home for nearly two decades, is within days of unwillingly boarding a plane destined for a past world in which she no longer feels she belongs, nor craves.

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