The Next Chapter of a Lifelong Journey

With every new day, I discover and learn about an issue, an initiative, a thought and/or a unique human experience. Through PRODZEKT, the next chapter of my personal fieldwork, I  aim to share some of the voices and stories that I encounter along my ongoing journey as an independent and relentlessly curious video journalist.   

* Given the current global COVID-19 scenario and the limitations on international travel - my fieldwork will, for the time being, be primarily focused on documenting the voices of the local community in  my basecamp in Siem Reap, Cambodia. 




* COVID Report 

As we all know, the world has changed drastically in recent months, including here - in Cambodia, where most people are now struggling profoundly as a result of this global COVID-19 scenario.

While cases of the illness have remained relatively low and under control according to local reports, travel restrictions and the drastic drop in tourism have been especially harsh on the people of Siem Reap. Once flooded with international tourists seeking a glimpse of the world-famous Angkor Wat Archeological Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this host city has turned into a ghost town. Relying heavily on the income generated through the tourism industry, much of the local community and economy has been devastated by the impacts of this global pandemic. 

The following is a series of short interviews documenting the voices and experiences of a once thriving community that has largely been left to fend for itself. 

Part 1:

No Tourism,

No Income.

Part 2:

No Income,

No Food.

Part 3 (*Mondulkiri Province): Endangered

(More to come...)



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