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AMAZON: Wait No More

The Amazon rainforest has been burning for weeks, and it’s now spreading like wildfire on social media. What’s happening to one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, its people, flora and wildlife, and the lungs of our planet is absolutely devastating - there’s zero doubt about that. “Why did the media not speak about it sooner?” many folks are asking…forgive my bluntness, but rarely has traditional media been interested in a story until it burns in its own backyard, until its executives have been given the green light by its corporate-minded funders, and/or until enough people start to speak about it out loud. The latter, as I see it, is the perhaps the greatest difference between no

So I've created a new outlet...

More often than not, I stumble upon incredible stories that I crave to share...not because they're likely to make headlines - but because they involve amazing people, with experiences that I find fascinating! I hope and welcome you to join me on Facebook for this next chapter of my global journey: PRODZEKT No fancy gear/production, just great people and their stories!

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