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Bidding 2017 farewell with a huge smile from Cambodia! (SMILE PHOTO Delivery 2 & VIDEO :)

Dear Friends, There's no better way for me to bid 2017 farewell than with this - another delivery of my SMILE PROJECT PRINTED PHOTO SURPRISE to two families in Mondul III, Cambodia. (For more on this project please visit the SMILE PROJECT section.) Wishing you all the very best for the New Year - health, happiness, prosperity, and of course - many, many smiles! Thank you for watching - and a very warm and special THANK YOU to you all, and especially Yan, Loic, Chantal & Pierre who sponsored these three images! ALL THE VERY, VERRRRRY BEST! With love, Maggie

Operation SMILE Photo has commenced! (w/VIDEO)

A few weeks ago, while looking at some of the images that I captured in Siem Reap's rural areas - I had an idea.... I was struck by the degree of kindness and warm welcomes that I received as I cruised along on my bicycle. From two ladies bathing in the cool water they pumped from a well, to little kids who showered me with their enthusiastic and heartwarming hellos...these communities, I was again reminded, are home to some truly beautiful people! While looking at these images back at home, I was also reminded of a family I met in Morocco. A family that had invited me in - a simple, solo roaming stranger and foreigner, to join them for some homemade pastries and mint tea. We sat together, a


Sometimes it's the little things..the way an elder reaches for his partner's shaky hand as they cross the road, the way a group of children gathered in the back of a dark alley rehearses what (from the dirt road you're walking along) looks like a play at first glance, the way women, laying amidst brittle bush lining the desert, weave each other's hair while discussing what you later discover are matters of great tribal importance.... I realized recently, that I often capture footage (moments) like this but do little with it since it doesn't make it into the stories that get commissioned and shared in the end. On their own, they may not seem like much, be swanky, newsworthy or edgy - and at t


"Oh Maggie, I am so very happy right now!" exclaimed Peter; an NGO ethics consultant, and farming enthusiast originally from Germany, as he kneeled on the ground in his khaki pants, dug his hands into the dark soil of a small vegetable garden and glanced around the property near a wooden home on stilts in Svay Chek, one of Cambodia's many rural villages. * I met Peter, and embarked on this particular trip to the Svay Chek, thanks to an impromptu invitation by one of the first expats I met upon my arrival here in Siem Reap - a fascinating man who sat topless in the back corner of an amazing little shop, working on his computer as he seems to do on most of these hot Cambodian evenings when I

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